Mrs. Yingling's 5th grade class

Insert Facts Here:

1. The state dog is the Great Dane.

2. The state bird is the Ruffled Grouse.

3. The state fossil is the Trilobite.

4. The state mammal is the White Tailed Deer.

5. The state insects are the Lady Bug and the Firefly.

6. The state fish is the Brook Trout.

7. Ground Hog Day is February 2nd.

8. The state nickname for Pennsylvania is Keystone State.

9. The state capitol is Harrisburg. capital_building.jpg

10.The abreviation for Pennsylvania is PA.

11. The state flower is the Mount Laurel.

12. The state beverage is milk. milk.jpg

13. We have 67 counties.

14. Pennslyvania state motto is Virtue, liberty and independance.

15.Pennslylvania`s ship is called the united states brig niagara.

16.The state park amount is 116.

17.And the acreage is 282,500.

18.Pennsylvania`s puoplation is 12,009,000.

19.Pennsylvania has 50 natural lakes and 2,500 man made lakes.

20.Some large cities in Pennsylvania are Philadelphia , Pittsburgh, Erie, Allentown and Scranton.

21.A bible verse was placed on the Liberty Bell. liberty_bell.jpg

22.The bell cracked in Philidelphia.

23.The Bell traveled many places before cracking in Philidephia.

24.The bell weighs 2000 pounds.

25.The bell is now located in Philidelphia.

26.James Buchanon was the only president from PA.

27.He was the only president to never marry!

28.Buchanon was born in a small town.

29. Hershey Park is one of PA.'s main attractions. hersheypark.jpg

30. Hershey Park has 11 roller coasters.

31. It also has 14 water rides on the boardwalk!

32. 15 family rides are also popular.

33. They have a Halloween trick or treat adventure and Christmas Candy Lane for Christmas.

34. Also from Hershy's we have candy like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Kit-Kats, and lots more. hershey_candy.jpg

35. You can also get candy with different fillings inside like, peanut butter, caramel, almonds, and many more.

36. UTZ chip factory was established in 1947.

37. You can find different styles of chips like Kettle and Pork Rinds at UTZ.

38. There are many different flavors of chips too, like Honey BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion.

39. The state tree is the Hemlock. hemlock_tree.jpg

40. During the Civil War the Union won at Gettyburg.

41. The Civil War lasted 3 days.

42. Robert Lee's army had 75,000 men with the Union.

43. George Meade's army had 97,000 men with the Confederate.

44. Over 51,000 people died.

45. The battle of Gettyburg began July 1, 1863, and ended on July 3, 1863.

46. The Amish were known as the plain people. Lancaster_County_Amish_03.jpg

47. They made a bridge to cross over to the places that they made.

48. They work on farms.

49. They respect God.

50. Their families and farms are there top priorities, only second to God.

51. They use horses to travel.