New Jersey State Facts

• Welcome to Mrs. Smolenski's 4th grade class in Millburn, New Jersey. We live in Essex County one of the 21 counties of New Jersey. We are located 20 miles from New York City ... We go to South Mountain School. We have 22 students in our class. There are about 2 classes of each grade in our school. There are 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school and one high school in our town.
The states that are around us are, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York. The Atlantic ocean surrounds us from the east.

New Jersey's nickname is the Garden State. We are called the Garden State because we have rich soil and good climate. NJ grows many different fruits and vegetables. Some fruits we grow are blueberries,apples, and strawberries. Some of the vegetables we grow are carrots,tomatoes,pepper, and green beans. We are also an important state producing chemical products, printing, and publishing.