New Hampshire State Facts

Hello from New Hampshire also known as the Granite State! We are participating from Manchester, the largest city in the state with about 120,000 people. Our school is called McDonough Elementary School and is a K-5 school with 600 students.
Our city is known around the world for the Amoskeag Mills where cotton textiles were made during the 1900's. The mills are being used today for many different businesses and the University of New Hampshire.

Amoskeag Mills

Please visit our school website where you can find all kinds information about us! McDonough website On the library page you can find a "Granite State" link with lots of information about our state.

Here is a list of what we talked about today in our video chat:

State bird: purple finch
State capital: Concord
State insect: ladybug
State fruit: pumpkin
State flower: purple lilac
Nickname: The Granite State
Famous people from NH: Tomi Depoala, Adam Sandler, Maxfield Parrish, Robert Frost, Christa McAuliffe
New Hampshire is one of the 13 original colonies.
New Hampshire is bordered by Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Canada.
It snows a lot in New Hampshire!