Some of Nebraska's state symbols are:
State Fish - Channel Catfish
State Mammal - White-tail Deer
State Soft Drink - Kool Aid
State Fossil - Mammoth
State Flower - Goldenrod
State Dance - Square Dance
State Grass - Little Bluestem

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We grow A LOT of corn here.
Arbor Day was started by a man named J. Sterling Morton from Nebraska City, just south of Omaha.
Omaha is Nebraska's largest city, and Lincoln is our capitol.
Our state is made of two different regions - the Till Plains and the Great Plains. Omaha is in the Till Plains region.
The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team has the longest stretch of sold out games in all of college football.
The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is one of the most-visited zoos in the country.
Every year in June, Omaha hosts the College World Series.