Montana State Facts

1. The capital city of Montana is Helena.

2. Montana is located just below the Canadian border.

3. Montana is bordered by four other states: Idaho to the west, Wyoming to the south, and North and South Dakota to the east

4. Montana is part of the Northwest Region of the United States.

5. The current population of Montana is 967,440 (Ranked 44th out of the 50 states)

6. Montana is the 4th largest state with 147,165 square miles.

7. The state animal is the grizzly bear.

8. The state flower is the Bitterroot.

9. The state tree is the Ponderosa Pine.

10. The state bird is the Western Meadowlark.

11. The state motto is Oro y Plata (Spanish for gold and silver) because Montana is historically known for its mining industry.

12. Montana is the home of seven major Native American reservations: Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Crow Indian Reservation, Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, Blackfeet Indian Reservation, and the Flathead Indian Reservation. We also have the Little Shellwho is a band of the Chippewa Tribe petitioning for reservation land of their own.

13. Granite Peak is the highest mountain in Montana; its elevation is 12,799 feet.

14. Montana’s nickname is the Big Sky Country.

15. Montana’s current governor is Brian Schweitzer.