Maryland State Facts

-Maryland was founded by: Gerogre Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore

-Maryland was named after: Heneretta Maria

-The first city established was named: St. Mary's and we are going to visit there for the first time on May 7th (We will share pictures with you)

-Something interesting about Maryland's history is:
-People traveled from England to Maryland on two boats called the Ark and the Dove
-They started traveling in November 1633 and arrived in March 1634
-On the way the Dove disappeared and the people on the Ark thought they had sank, but they didn't. The boats came across each other again in Barbados
-Leonard Calvert (son of George Calvert) bought land from the Yocomacoe Indians and he became the first governor in Maryland
-William Nuthead stared the first printing business in St. Mry's City in 1685

-Maryland Gazette was founded in 1727
-The first telegraph line was in 1844 between Washington DC and Baltimore
-Slavery was allowed in Maryland before the Civil War, but Maryland never seceded from the Union.
-Frederick Douglass was from Maryland
-Maryland gave up some of its land for Washington DC to be built there

-The average winter temperature is 35 degrees F
-The average summer temperature is 74 degrees F
-Average rainfall is 40-46 inches

POPULATION: about 5,296,486
-Largest City is Baltimore

-Maryland State University's Basketball is in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
-Capital is Annapolis which is also known as the sailing capital.
-Fish is the rockfish
-Tree is the White Oak
-The United States Naval Academy was foundied on Oct 10,1845 in Annapolis
-Babe Ruth was from Maryland
-Maryland became a state on April 28, 1788 and was the 7th state
-State sport is jousting
-State dog is the Chesapeake Bay retriever
-Governor is Martin O Malley
-The state folk dance is the square dance
-The state bird is the Baltimore Oriole
-The state flower is the Black Eyed Susan
-The state song is Maryland My Maryland which is sung to the same tune as "Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree"
-Maryland is know for their crabs to eat from the Chesapeake Bay
-Maryland is sometimes considered a state in the Northeast region and sometimes in the Southeast region. It depends on what resource you are looking at.