KENTUCKY - The Bluegrass State

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Tulip tree
Kentucky Bass
Grey Squirrel

Henderson, Kentucky is located along the Ohio River. We are south of Evansville, Indiana in the western region of Kentucky.
This week (the first week of February) has been cold. We have only been snowed out of school for 3 days so far this year. In the summer it get very humid and temperatures often reach the 90s in July.

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Henderson is a rural area with a county-wide population of roughly 45,500 people.
We have one school district with 8 elementary schools (K-5th grade), 2 middle schools (6th-8th), and 1 high school with 3 different units. It's like having 3 high schools in one.

Our class is at Cairo Elementary, pronounced Kay-row. Sorry we don't have much information on our web site. Our district changed web servers this week and Mrs. Whitson has Book Fair going on, so she has not been able to switch everything over yet. Please check back in a few weeks.