1. In 1890 Idaho became the 43rd state of the United States.

2. Idaho is ranked 41st in population among the 50 states, with a population of about 1.5 million residents.

3. The capital of Idaho is Boise. It is also the largest city.

4. The Idaho State Bird is the Mountain Bluebird.

5. The Idaho State Flower is the Syringe, a white wildflower that grows in clusters.

6. The Idaho State Horse is the Appaloosa.

7. Idaho is located in the Mountain Region of the Western United States and has 10 National Forests. We have more wilderness area than any other state in the lower 48 states.

8. More than 40% of Idaho is covered with trees, making it the most heavily forested of the Rocky Mountain States.

9. Idaho’s main businesses and industries are agriculture, travel & tourism, and wood products.

10. Potatoes, barley, and trout (trout farms) are Idaho’s top crops. 11. Idaho is world-famous for outdoor recreation: camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, wildlife viewing, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, biking, skiing, and much, much more.

12. 80 different varieties of gemstones are found here so Idaho’s nickname is The Gem State.

13. Idaho’s highest mountain peak is Mount Borah at 12, 662 feet.

14. Idaho is home to five tribes of American Indians: Kootenai (KOOT-NEE), Coer d’Alene (CORE_DA_LANE), Nez Perce (NEZ-PURSE), Shoshone-Bannock, and Paiute (PIE-OOT).

15. Idaho has more whitewater river miles than any other state in the continental United States.

16. Idaho is a great place to live and visit any time of the year.